Friday, January 6, 2012

Friends | A Returning Face. An Upcoming Shoot

Rembember this girl?

From this shoot?

Well, that took place when I was still living in Long Beach, and Natalie was just about to graduate from CSULB. A LOT has happened since--Dave and I have gotten married, Natalie and I have moved multiple times, and...


Natalie and her love have gotten ENGAGED! They'll be married later on this year, and guess what? They asked Life With [Ed] to take their engagement pictures; one word: YAY! It seems like a lot of our friends are drinking the same water or somethin' because we're going to 6 weddings this year. Crazy.

Nat and Jared, we're so excited for this weekend! Prepare to set your eyes on a good looking couple, folks.

Sidenote: It's crazy to look back on old pictures and see the progress that's been made, and there's only more room to grow! I'm grateful for the friends who have let me learn a bit more of this craft by having them as subjects. It doesn't hurt that I have some really good looking friends to practice on :).

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