Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friends| Amber's Bachelorette Weekend

There is a girl; her name is Amber, and she's the reason why 17 of some of her favorite people drove to San Luis Obispo for a weekend. [Side note:Amber was my roomie for 3 years before I moved out to become a Mrs., so to me--she'll always be "Roomie."] For those of you who don't know Amber, she's one of those rare personalities who is able to be friends with just about anyone..and their mother! She has that kind of spirit that draws people in, which makes sense because she absolutely loves people. In proper bachelorette celebratory fashion, Amber's best "fran" Cathleen planned an amazing weekend at the beautiful Flying Caballos farm for Amber and 16 of her favorite lady peeps. Typically, herding 17 women together from different circles of friends means one thing: drama. BUT (yes, it's a big one...), we had an amazing time with each other, caught up with old friends, made new ones, and laughed and danced our butts off. Oh, and we ate. The ladies can chow down. Believe it. 

Some shots of the lovely almost Mrs. and our awesome weekend abode:
The lovely bride-to-be enjoying every minute of her weekend/photo shoot:
[photo was taken by Cathleen : my edits:]
Amber with the weekend planner AKA hostest w/ the mostest:

Words right out of the mouth of the bride-to-be: "Best weekend of my life." 
Mission accomplished.

Amber, we're so insanely excited and looking forward to your big day that's going to come quicker than you know. Love you!!

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