Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kiddos | Micah

Five years ago, our friends Mike and Jess tied the knot. Not long after, they found out that they were going to have their first kiddo. Given that Mike and Dave have been friends for quite some time and that I have had the privilege to know Mike and Jess for a few years now, it simply blows me away at how quickly time has flown by, how much of our lives have changed, and at how big their little fella has gotten. I used to read him stories before he could even make sounds, and now he's telling me stories. Holy moly.

Micah, squealing with delight and yelling, "Daddy, higher!" reminded me that:

Life's adventures will take us up, and sometimes they'll swoop us to some lows, but we have to enjoy the ride. Papa's got our back:

Thanks, kiddo. [ED] loves you.

P.s. We're so excited to have you as our little ring bearer. You're going to be a natural :).
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