Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We do! | Amanda & Chad

A little while back, Life With [ED] was given the opportunity to assist photographer friends, Sarah and Rosina, for Amanda and Chad's wedding. My new friend Becky and I assisted with some of the photobooth fun as well as just getting some shots here and there. Make sure you check Sarah and Rosina's pages soon for the official wedding pictures. 

Amanda and Chad tied the knot in a beautiful church--flooded with natural light:

The ceremony preceded a beautiful backyard reception:

Photobooth shots--proof that fun was had!: 

Make sure you visit Image Bearers Photography and Rosina W. Photography for more from Amanda and Chad's wedding.

Congrats, you two! May the joy seen on your wedding day be something that threads through the rest of your days as man and wife :). 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Life | Missing in Action

Sorry we've been a little MIA! Wedding planning is in full swing for [ED], so we haven't had as many photography-related endeavors lately. [E] featured a DIY on her other blog about making sweet n' simple favor tags. Go have a look-see! 

We'll be back soon with some photo updates! :) 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Photo | Not-Quite-a-Midsummer-Night's-Dream

Summer (and almost summer) is the simplicity of candles in their rightful places--repurposed Mason jars. They have that "just right" feeling to them.  

Our Life | And We've Begun...

...officially working on wedding "stuff." After the first two weeks of [ED] being engaged, we really didn't do much because the "biggies" got taken care of so quickly (what a blessing!). We've been able to kind of take things slowly. Well now that i'm ([E]) done with school, we can be a bit more wedding minded.

Our wedding day philosophy:

* Keep it simple.
* Remember what it's really about: our marriage.
*We don't have to spend the buco bucks to have a memorable celebration.

So in light of that, we picked one of our favorite engagement shots from the shoot with our lovely friend Rosina, and I just placed some info here and there, and voila--our Save the Date's!:

Sorry it's kind of blurry--I got so excited I just snapped a quick picture of one of the cards :).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Life | Signs of Summer

[D] went on a underground mine adventure with his men, so I went to my friend's backyard BBQ the other day for a Memorial Day celebration, and these little beauties quickly caught my eye: bright, radiant,  and welcoming. 

These are a sign of the soon-coming summer. 

"In summer, the song sings itself."
-William Carlos Williams

[ED] cannot wait to see what songs this summer sings :D. 

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