Who is [ED]?

We're Team [ED].
[ED] = Elizabeth + David.

We're a newly married couple who is exploring & dabbling in various parts of our adventure and learning how to love more each day. We joked about calling ourselves Team [ED] (for Elizabeth+David-- pronounced Ed--not like E.D. as in the dysfunction), and it stuck! We're a team, and we count ourselves blessed to know that that's how we'll function best in life.

We aim to capture what's real--real life. Our art finds itself in stories--whatever stories we can get our hands on.

Things you should know about us:

We love Love.
We love each other.
We are all about sharing our stories.
We really care about what makes you, you.
We're passionate about capturing and sharing moments that really mean something.

Photography is one the things we enjoy doing together.
By day, [E] is an English language teacher to adult international students.
[D] works in the world of internet marketing.
When we're not at work, we're adventursizing outdoors, creating things, laughing, playing and making music, and spending our time with really quality people that we've been blessed with.

[ED] wouldn't exist if it weren't for the love and creative humor of none other than God himself. Our lives are beautiful, in hard times and in the good times, because of His grace and love.

"We love because He first loved us."

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