Wednesday, January 18, 2012

E-Session | Natalie & Jared Part II

When Dave and I get to do shoots together, we typically have our own cameras. Unfortunately, the day before the shoot-I couldn't find the battery charger for our other camera. Well, instead of taking no pictures at all, Dave took the liberty of using my iPhone to get some shots of Natalie & Jared. I love that Dave sees & composes shots differently than I do. That just means that we get two different perspectives on what's going on, which in turn tends to be mutually inspiring.

Dave got some behind-the-scene looking shots, some of the lovely couple enjoying each other's company, and some of me--in action, if you will. Thanks, love! You're awesome :). 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

E-Session | Natalie & Jared

Dave and I went to Malibu Creek State Park a few weeks ago to take Natalie & Jared's engagement pictures. The sun was actually a bit brighter than I had hoped for (for picture-taking purposes), but it made for a really comfortable pseudo hike to look for some quality photo spots. I was relieved when Natalie showed up in pants and what seemed like comfortable shoes to walk in because some of the terrain in the park aren't really intended for heels and dresses.

Even though these two beautiful are self-proclaimed uncomfortable-in-front-of-the-camera people, they responded well to our motto of "Just hang out, have fun, and be you. We're kind of just like flies on the walls." (Since I can't pose to save my life, I totally feel for any of our clients who are in the same boat. Giving the motto seems to help people lower their guards. It's helped me in the past. I'm not that comfortable in front of the camera, so being me is really the best I have to offer. What Dave and I really are looking for is for the couple or whoever that's in front of the camera is "being," so that we can get real moments--with some direction here and there. )

Anywho, we're super excited for their wedding. Natalie actually just told me they'll be getting married on August 11th of this year--not too far from where we took their engagement shots. Yay!!

I took the liberty of doing just a B&W post. I've not done this before, but there was something about the black and white shots from this session that I was really drawn too.  I'll post some of the color ones on Life With [Ed]'s Facebook page ASAP. Stay tuned for those.

The to-be Mr. & Mrs. Freitag:


We love you two. Thanks for letting us take your pictures and hang out with you--can't wait for August!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sneak Peek | Natalie & Jared

Taking pictures of friends might be one of my (newer) favorite things. Now that we're all grown up's, have busy schedules and live in different cities--it's not often that we get to spend time together. Taking pictures gives us that opportunity, and it also shows us how much of our lives we've gotten to experience with each other. This past weekend, Dave and I got to take pictures of our friends, Natalie & Jared, who are going to get married later this year. 

A seriously good looking pair, wouldn't you agree?


Stay tuned for more pictures!
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friends | A Returning Face. An Upcoming Shoot

Rembember this girl?

From this shoot?

Well, that took place when I was still living in Long Beach, and Natalie was just about to graduate from CSULB. A LOT has happened since--Dave and I have gotten married, Natalie and I have moved multiple times, and...


Natalie and her love have gotten ENGAGED! They'll be married later on this year, and guess what? They asked Life With [Ed] to take their engagement pictures; one word: YAY! It seems like a lot of our friends are drinking the same water or somethin' because we're going to 6 weddings this year. Crazy.

Nat and Jared, we're so excited for this weekend! Prepare to set your eyes on a good looking couple, folks.

Sidenote: It's crazy to look back on old pictures and see the progress that's been made, and there's only more room to grow! I'm grateful for the friends who have let me learn a bit more of this craft by having them as subjects. It doesn't hurt that I have some really good looking friends to practice on :).

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