Thursday, December 29, 2011

Long Beach Engagement Session: Brandon & Erica

You know those friends you meet in college that just stick? The ones you know you'll keep in touch with through the next crucial, exciting stages of life? Well, Brandon's been one of those friends to me (Liz). He and I met in college, and in many ways, he became the big brother I never had. We've seen some of each other's high's and low's, and hands down--Erica coming into his life was a huge high. From the get-go, it was clear that their relationship had the "stick" factor; this one was for keeps. Their love for Jesus radiates from every facet of their lives, their love for people is impossible to miss, and their love for each other speaks for itself. 

These two are incredibly passionate; they're the kind of people who pour their whole selves into whatever it is that is set before them. They are loyal and loving, funny and generous. They are the type of people who you'll never hear a single negative thing about. As a result of being such natural lovers-of-others, it is clear without having to spend too much time with their friends, that Brandon and Erica are two very loved individuals. 

It was such an honor to spend time with the love birds in the city where all the magic happened: The city that holds such a special place in both their hearts is the very one in which they met (at The Auld Dubliner), where Brandon proposed, and where they decided to have their engagement pictures taken. It was so fun running around my old stompin' grounds with these two:

There you have it, folks--two incredibly beautiful people. As it turned out, this shoot turned out to be even more fun than we could have anticipated. At The Starling Diner, they ended up getting their coffee on the house because the server was awesome, and at The Auld Dubliner, the workers let us take their arrow chalkboards down from the walls and use them for the shoot. Thanks for letting me take your engagement pictures. Dave and I can't wait for your wedding. July couldn't come soon enough!

You can see more of Brandon & Erica on Life With [ED]'s facebook page.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sneak Peek| Brandon & Erica's Engagement Session

I had such a great time going all over Long Beach (my old stomping grounds) to get some engagement pictures for these two love birds. Stay tuned for more!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kiddos | Cute, cake-faced and enjoying life.

Kiddos | MaKenna Turns One


These are all of this little babe's aliases, and even though outside the weather was gray and on the brink of rain, the inside of the home was filled with voices saying their own version of the little birthday girl's name--celebrating her very 1st birthday.

I haven't picked up my camera in a while with the wedding and settling in and all. I decided to bring it to the little babe's birthday party. There's nothing quite as good as a sweet little girl's birthday and perfectly overcast weather for some documenting.  After getting home and spending time going through the photos, I kept on seeing a reoccuring theme: Kenna wasn't just the center of attention because it was her birthday, she was at the center because she has been given this beautiful and loving spirit that just draws people to her.

Kenna, as you have turned one and will continue to have plenty more birthdays, [ED]'s prayer for you is that you continue to grow into a woman of grace and great stature. You are a joy, little one. You are so loved.

The babe anticipating her guests:
Sugar!!:She was a bit unsure of eating cake for the first time, but the "eyes shut--this is oh so good" look that you see a few pictures down show that it grew on her :)
"It's my party; I can cry if I want to."

Oh, and last but not least, I had to give Kenna's big brother, Micah, a shout out. He did such a great job at sister's birthday party. He was quite the entertainer himself:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kiddos | Micah

Five years ago, our friends Mike and Jess tied the knot. Not long after, they found out that they were going to have their first kiddo. Given that Mike and Dave have been friends for quite some time and that I have had the privilege to know Mike and Jess for a few years now, it simply blows me away at how quickly time has flown by, how much of our lives have changed, and at how big their little fella has gotten. I used to read him stories before he could even make sounds, and now he's telling me stories. Holy moly.

Micah, squealing with delight and yelling, "Daddy, higher!" reminded me that:

Life's adventures will take us up, and sometimes they'll swoop us to some lows, but we have to enjoy the ride. Papa's got our back:

Thanks, kiddo. [ED] loves you.

P.s. We're so excited to have you as our little ring bearer. You're going to be a natural :).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sneak Peek.

Caley married her Jordan this weekend, and she is now a Mrs.

More pictures to come!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We do! | Amanda & Chad

A little while back, Life With [ED] was given the opportunity to assist photographer friends, Sarah and Rosina, for Amanda and Chad's wedding. My new friend Becky and I assisted with some of the photobooth fun as well as just getting some shots here and there. Make sure you check Sarah and Rosina's pages soon for the official wedding pictures. 

Amanda and Chad tied the knot in a beautiful church--flooded with natural light:

The ceremony preceded a beautiful backyard reception:

Photobooth shots--proof that fun was had!: 

Make sure you visit Image Bearers Photography and Rosina W. Photography for more from Amanda and Chad's wedding.

Congrats, you two! May the joy seen on your wedding day be something that threads through the rest of your days as man and wife :). 

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