Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Life| The Return(ing) of Normalcy

Where to begin...

Joy. Sorrow. Laughter. Tears. Heartache. Hope. Ups. Downs. 
Questions. Answers. Adventure. Aloneness. Community. Prayer. Despair. 
Loss. Life. Uncertainty. Trust. Fear. Love.

Those basically sum up the season we've been in and are slowly coming out of. 
We've stared loss in the face.
We've confronted fear.
We've welcomed hope.
We've learned trust.
We've met peace in a new way.
We've discovered deeper love.
We've been reminded that we've been given life and life abundantly.

With things being pretty crazy and foreign for us in the last two months or so, it's been nice to be re-introduced to normalcy--not the orderly, neat, ducks-in-a-row kind. I'm talking about the kind that reminds you that it's OK to not be OK, the kind that reminds you that life is a series of different flavored seasons sprinkled with some familiar things (a number of which would normally drive me crazy, but given the recent circumstances, they're almost comforting): a sink full of dirty dishes, an unmade bed, a pile of socks that don't have their sole-mates (Get it?! Sorry, I couldn't help myself), sleeping in and knowing almost half your day is gone, a sweet husband who sleeps on the couch so that he won't get me sick, a perfectly made cup of joe...  

We gladly welcome the return of normalcy.

As I started to blog this, the song "Beautiful Things" by Gungor started playing, and I started to tear up because God's timing with that kind of stuff with me is more than I can handle sometimes (talk about provision and reminders of His promises). He does make beautiful things out of dust...and out of us, our situations, our sorrows, our fears, etc... And that's what we've been learning and reminded of time and time again.  

Excuse the ambiguity and vagueness of this post, but my plan in the next couple of months is to share with you more about the season we've been in. Unless I wuss, no, I won't. Feel free to hold me to that. Thanks for listening reading. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, friend. Praying for you and your man!


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