Monday, April 30, 2012

Wedding| Amber & Chris: A Privileged Perspective

This past weekend something huge happened: Amber and Chris got married! I imagine friends and family exhaling in unison, "Finally!" We've known they were meant to be from the start, so now that they're Mr. and Mrs., we couldn't be more overjoyed. Amber wins the award for longest time roomie (we lived together in three different apartments over the course of 3 1/2-4 years). During the time we lived together, she and I definitely went through some of the most pivotal stages of life together. I got to see firsthand what happened to Amber when Chris came into her life. Amber, this already life-loving, beautiful woman grew to love life even more than before and stepped into the shoes of this person who knew that she was fully loved and fully known by this Godsend of a man. Their whole relationship has been nothing short of God's awesome provision and amazing sense of humor. They are perfect together, they really do bring out the best in each other, and they are going to have some of the cutest babies ever--just sayin'. 

Amber and Chris picked Elings Park in Santa Barbara, CA to be their wedding venue. Dave, along with a bunch of other friends and family, helped set the scene for their big day. I had a different kind of privilege; I had the honor of spending the day alongside the bride and some of her closest friends, watching her get ready, and finding myself (and the other party people ladies) get antsy, anxious, and expectant on her behalf. We seriously could not wait to get the ever-so-sacred "show" on the road. 

Let me just tell you--the tears started rolling down my face the minute Amber stepped into her one-of-a-kind gown. From that point on, I along with the other girls took turns shedding tears over how momentous this day was for these two lovebirds. The combination of a handsome groom, a stunning bride, their undeniable love for each other, a gorgeous setting, and a ton of loving friends and family really made this one of my favorite weddings to date.

This post is different as it's not technically a wedding post; Life With [Ed] didn't shoot this wedding. We didn't even have our normal shooting camera with us, so these pictures are taken from the perspective of friends who were there for a long awaited celebration:
Amber was so cute--even though it was her big day, she was still running around like the great little hostess that she is, entertaining, and telling everyone else how pretty they looked!
 How can you not love a girl like that?!
The picture above is easily one of my favorite pictures--the couple covered in prayer.
Get it!

Here are some photos from the ever handy iPhone:

Amber's best franny helping her get her amazing dress on
We love you guys a ton and can't wait to see you when you at your new home 
once you get back from your honeymoon.

And just like we all sang together at your wedding, our prayer is that you 
remember until you two are beautifully old and gray:

How deep the Father's love for us... 

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