Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Life | And We've Begun...

...officially working on wedding "stuff." After the first two weeks of [ED] being engaged, we really didn't do much because the "biggies" got taken care of so quickly (what a blessing!). We've been able to kind of take things slowly. Well now that i'm ([E]) done with school, we can be a bit more wedding minded.

Our wedding day philosophy:

* Keep it simple.
* Remember what it's really about: our marriage.
*We don't have to spend the buco bucks to have a memorable celebration.

So in light of that, we picked one of our favorite engagement shots from the shoot with our lovely friend Rosina, and I just placed some info here and there, and voila--our Save the Date's!:

Sorry it's kind of blurry--I got so excited I just snapped a quick picture of one of the cards :).


  1. So cute! I love the font, and how you're incorporating [ED] into the save the date :) its like your signature.


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