Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends| Becca & Nimble

Plain and simple. [ED] loves Becca.

[E] here.
Becca has been my roommate, a soul sister, and a forever friend.
Becca was one of [D]'s accomplices during the proposal-planning time, and they're so
sibling-like--it's kind of awesomely strange.

Becca= Lovable. Loving. Alive. Warm. Passionate. Creative. Beautiful. Inspiring. And that's just naming a few. She also has a knack for words. You can check her story-telling out here.

Nimble= Her adorable bike. She adopted Nimble from me--too big for me. Just right for her.


When I think of Long Beach and what it's meant to me, she is one of the first faces that comes to mind. And when I leave Long Beach, she is going to be one of the souls I will miss the most. Thank you for coloring our lives so.

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